Sunscreen for Rosacea

Due to the sensitive nature of skin which people who suffer from this condition have, it is recommended for such people to use specially formulated sunscreen for their Rosacea. People who have Rosacea often experience flare ups of the disease due to overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Due to the characteristic of their skin also, they cannot just make use of ordinary sunscreens that are available in the market.  They have to choose one which does not contain any chemical ingredient as well as any perfume or fragrance which can exacerbate their skin condition.

Rosacea causes the skin in the face particularly the region on the forehead, skin, and around the nose area to be very sensitive.  The cause of the disease had not yet been known but the symptoms can be controlled through several steps that a patient can take.  A person with this condition usually has redness or flushing on the areas that have been indicated as well as develop papules or bumps on such areas.  The skin may also feel hot when there are flare ups of the disease. The veins may also appear on the surface of the skin which is usually caused when they become dilated.

One of the major causes of a Rosacea flare up is exposure to the sun.  Although the amount of exposure may vary from one person to another, almost all of these skin problem sufferers experience the same undesirable result.  Hence, it would be wise to make use of a proper sunscreen in order to protect facial skin from further damage.  It is however, important to remember that skin condition victims have a more delicate skin which makes it harder for them to find the right product.  There is a general guideline however that you can use in order to find what would be best for you.

The safest ingredients that can be used as a sunscreen for those with Rosacea are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  So it would be wise for you to look for a product that contains such ingredients.  They are effective in screening out both the short and long ultraviolet wavelengths coming from the sun.  Aside from this, they are also good enough to use for sensitive skin such as those which can be found on people with with this condition.

Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration is the other added ingredients that come with the sunscreen.  It should not contain any perfume or fragrance which is a major factor in causing Rosacea to worsen.  Although it is good for a sunscreen to have a particular tint such as green or yellow in order to even out the color of your skin, it should be made from natural minerals as well.  Some of the other chemicals which your sunscreen should not contain are octyl salicylate, PABA, and octyl methoxycinnamate. These ingredients have been known to irritate the skin and are most undesirable for those who have sensitive skin.  Some of the most recommended sunscreens for Rosacea sufferers are Linda Sy’s ZinCo Cream and Good Skin All Calm Gentle Sunscreen.

Two of the most popular rosacea sunscreens on the market are the Rosaclear System and EtaMD UV Clear.


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