Rosacea Triggers

If you are suffering from rosacea, it may be a good idea to know what particular triggers cause you to have an outbreak. It is important to know what these triggers are in order to lessen the chances of worsening your condition.  This condition can thicken your skin at some point where it appears to be superficially unattractive and may even affect your social life and your self-esteem in the end. This is aside from the fact that you will experience some physical irritation during rosacea outbreaks as well.

One of the most common rosacea triggers is stress. Now stress can come in several forms – emotional, physical, and mental, etc. – and it can sometimes be hard to determine whether you are already feeling stressed or not. A good indicator however, is when you feel yourself exerting yourself too much. Physical stress can come in the form of a difficult exercise where you push yourself blotchy-woman-facetoo hard and an emotional stress can be in the form of personal problems. Too much workload can also trigger some stress in a person that it can cause a redness breakout. For many this condition is one which can be very stressful and actually contribute to worsening conditions.

Another source of stress is extreme temperatures – it could either be too cold or too hot for your skin. Most rosacea sufferers can tell you that they often experience breakouts when there are extreme temperatures or when there is a sudden change in temperature just like when you suddenly go out into extremely chilly temperatures outside of your house. Such temperatures can cause the veins in your face to expand or for blood to suddenly rush to your face which can trigger a skin breakout leaving you looking flushed for days and even weeks.

Lastly, some types of foods may also be rosacea triggers. More specifically, those which contain caffeine, alcohol, or extreme spiciness are the most common triggers of this ailment. Eating foods that contain a high content of these ingredients can definitely cause you to experience the effects of rosacea such as an itchy or burning sensation on your skin and flushing. To avoid this, you need to stay away from any of the said foods either permanently or to take them only in small doses. You may also try avoiding Mexican foods for the moment if you do not want to worsen a current skin breakout. Visit this page for more ideas about which foods that help prevention and foods that can aggravate this condition.

Rosacea triggers come in many forms and although the above-mentioned is not a comprehensive list as there are other forms of triggers which may be unique for each individual, they are the most common types. Knowing what things can cause you to have a breakout will help you avoid situations which will not be healthy for your condition thereby reducing the chances that you may worsen the problem area. It will also help to reduce its occurrence and help you live a normal routine at home and at work and also to help you avoid the physical inconveniences of this condition. If you want to get your outbreaks under control there are a variety of home skin care remedies that can help.

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