Rosacea Facts

In order to deal with Rosacea more effectively, one needs to know and understand first some Rosacea facts.  A lot of misconception about this skin disease has led not just to useless expenses on medication but also to the general aggravation of the disease.  Knowing what it is really all about will help you deal with the condition much better as well as lead you to a better decision about how you feel towards it.  If only one who has this type of disease takes the time to study it and what it is all about, then there would have been lesser negative incidences concerning this disease.

First and foremost, one should understand that Rosacea is an incurable but a non-contagious condition as far as current and past studies have shown.  Once a person has acquired or gotten this disease, it will remain with him for the duration of his lifetime.  What is good about this disease however is that, the signs and symptoms do not always appear and may not even manifest itself more some months or years if one takes the precautions to avoid factors that would cause an outbreak.

The second fact that you need to know about Rosacea is its symptoms which includes flushing, growing pimples and pustules, having dilated nerves on your facial area, and/or growing a thick skin on your nose.  The last one is very rare and usually occurs in the later stages.  Aside from that you may also experience some burning and itching in your eyes, having frequent inflammations on your eyelids and even experiencing some lessened visual capacity.

Rosacea also usually occurs on people who have light skin tone and to those who are in their middle ages.  These are some of the contributing factors which can determine if you are a potential sufferer of Rosacea or not.  Darker-skinned people do not usually get this disease as some studies have showed. Also it is usually the women who catch the disease compared to men.

Next, is that you can prevent its symptoms from appearing if you take the proper steps and medications in order to prevent them from doing so.  There are some contributing factors which cause some of the more common manifestations of the disease to explode or show themselves on your face.  There are some antibiotics, topical treatments, and laser treatments which help alleviate the symptoms as well as lessen the gravity of the effects of Rosacea. Aside from this, you need to stay away from some of the common causes of a breakout such as alcohol, stress – all types, sun exposure, extremely hot or cold weather, as well as some types of food such as dairy products.

Another thing that you have to know about Rosacea is that a lot of people have this disease including Mariah Carey and Bill Clinton – so you don’t really have to be embarrassed about having it.  A lot of people who have this disease have suffered from depression due to the changes in their appearances and malformations which occur in the more advanced stages.