Home Acne Treatment

If you happen to be quite skeptical with using over-the-counter medications for acne, then acne home treatments can be your best option. Today, most people are returning to natural remedies for almost any disease that is known in the planet and acne is no exception. With this condition being one of the most common skin diseases in the world today, it would be no wonder that a lot of people are looking for home-made remedies for this. Natural ingredients having established their safeness of use, you will find that they are very effective as well.

One of the most effective acne home treatments that you can use is a potato mask. To make this, you would need to shred and pulp one medium raw potato and then apply it, together with its juices, to your skin. The reason why this treatment is effective is its Vitamin C and B contents. Vitamin C helps to helps to repair the damaged skin and helps the skin to regenerate whereas Vitamin B helps to lighten the darkened spots left by acne. This mask will also help in the collagen production of the skin.

girl-with-clear-faceFor skin exfoliation and the balancing of pH levels on your skin, you can try an apple cider vinegar solution. Try mixing 1 part vinegar to 6 parts water in order to create a mild yet effective toner for your skin. Apple cider vinegar contains malic and lactic acid which helps to make skin softer and detoxed making your skin look and feel healthier. You will also benefit from the fact that it lowers the acidity of your skin making it more resistant to damage and from infection. Apply with a cotton ball after washing your face with a mild cleanser.

Lastly, for moisturizing, you can make use of a cucumber mask mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Cucumber, as we all know, is made of a high percentage of water making it an ideal way to moisturize dry and sensitive skin which is brought about by acne. Aside from this, it also helps to slough off dead skin and also to remove impurities from it as well. It provides a dual benefit to the skin with just a single ingredient. Lemon juice on the other hand, helps to maintain your skin’s natural glow as well as protect it from infection. This will be good to apply on your skin for about 15 minutes after cleaning and toning it with natural ingredients as well.

A home acne treatment can be one of the safest and most effective ways to deal with this skin disease especially if you have a known sensitivity on some chemicals. Some of the best ingredients that you can use are potatoes, apple cider vinegar, cucumber, and lemon juice which all provide not only one but a multiple number of benefits for your skin as well. With these treatments, you will not have to worry about skin irritation or other major side-effects on your skin as they contain natural ingredients that are compatible with almost any type of skin.

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