What Causes Rosacea

There has been a great interest on what causes Rosacea for a long time now but up till now, no one has really understood what causes it. One thing that they do know is that there are some contributing factors as to why the symptoms can usually flare up in a person who has this disease. There are also some factors which can make one more prone to catch this disease as well. As of today, there is no known cure for Rosacea and the best that doctors can offer is a treatment for its symptoms.

According to a study, people who are fair or light-skinned have more incidences of having this disease which leads to the conclusion that being light-skinned can actually be a contributing factor for one to develop the disease. There had been no or fewer incidences of this condition in the more darker-skinned races.

Another factor which can make you a potential victim is your age and gender. Rosacea is more commonly found in Caucasian women than in men although the degree of intensity is heavier on men than in women. People who are also in their 30’s up to the 50’s are more prone to develop this disease than in younger generations. The onset of menopause can sometimes mark the beginning of the manifestations of the symptoms and can sometimes aggravate it if not detected early on and given the proper medication.

For some people, there are other external factors which can contribute to the manifestation of the symptoms of Rosacea. A lot of them have complained of excessive exposure to sunlight, drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks, eating dairy products such as milk and cheese, eating some legumes and nuts, eating citrusy fruits, and even soy sauce and other spicy foods. Others have observed that temperature extremes can cause an outbreak in them. Being in a too hot or too cold weather usually causes them to develop redness and itchiness on their facial area as well as develop some swelling.

Other causes which can cause an outbreak is taking some topical ointment for acne which aggravates Rosacea and taking medications for heart problems. Sometimes Rosacea can be mistaken as an acne problem and be treated with creams used for the prevention of acne. The sad thing is that these medications can actually increase the severity of the problem.

There are some physicians which have attributed the cause of the disease to genetics as well. Some studies have shown that family history or those who have relatives who suffer from the condition are more prone to catch the disease as well. You can read this page for additional important facts about rosacea.

Other causes have also been looked into such as weak blood vessels which become leaky and explode, the presence of some parasite on the skin, and also some problem with the tissues underneath the skin. These are all accounted for in the presence of spider veins on the face, flushing of the skin and the development of pus-filled pustules on the central area of the face which is the more common symptom of Rosacea.